Welcome to Composed Chaos!

Composed Chaos’ software offerings are a labor of love for me. While I have a day job writing enterprise solutions for major corporations, there are many things I write for myself that solve a personal problem I feel isn’t solved as easily or elegently as other solutions that may exist. The apps I post here are ones that others may find useful, as well.

Our DIY vaping software solutions offer DIY mixers their own platform to store their recipes and calculate their mixes quickly and accurately.  Our Enterprise software offers manufacturers the same degree of ease-of-use and accuracy as our DIY solutions, and adds many features needed in a professional mixing environment. I believe everyone in the vaping community is family, and with our software, you can be assured you are getting the products you need to make vaping a success for you.

My FastPass+ Finder app will help you find those hard-to-find Fastpasses for the most popular rides in the Walt Disney World Resort parks in Orlando. As a longtime annual passholder for WDW, I found it maddening that it was nearly impossible to find passes for rides such as Avatar, Flight of Passage or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. FastPass+ Finder solved that for me, and I hope it works for you, too. (Many changes and enhancements coming to that app over the next few weeks).

There are many more apps and solutions forthcoming, as I get some of my other personal projects ready for public release. Stay tuned! And thanks for supporting us over the years.

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