Founder and Owner Matt Williams began his journey into vaping in April, 2009.  On the 28th of that month, a package arrived from China containing a brand new M401 starter kit and a few various flavors of Chinese-made eliquid.  It didn’t take long for him to realize two things: that the e-cigarette was a fantastic invention, and that Chinese juice was not going to cut it in the long term.

At the time, there were only two options.  Terrible Chinese juice with absolutely no sense of complexity or balance to the flavors, and one or two American companies with a very small selection and none of it much better than the Chinese offerings.  Since he couldn’t find anything better, he decided to make something better.  A month after he began vaping, he raided a local bakery supply store for all of the flavorings they had on hand and began formulating his own recipes.

Quickly, he realized that trying to keep up with recipes in spreadsheets and on scraps of paper was proving to be quite cumbersome.  It was then he decided he needed a better solution.  He began developing the first version of eLiquid Recipe Manager for the Android platform.  Released in December 2010, it soon became the go-to app for DIY mixers everywhere.

Over time, close friends in the vaping community convinced him that some of his mixes would be worth releasing to the market.  Knowing a consumer product would need to be produced responsibly, he began development on a variation of his DIY software, but targeted towards manufacturers.  This would include several new features, some of which would find their way into the consumer software product: batch management and production, inventory tracking, audit tracking, reporting, cost estimation, and mixing by weight.  This new software, eLiquid Recipe Manager – Manufacturing, was developed for the Windows platform and became the standard for lab-mixed eliquids.  At the same time, his wife (with degrees in Chemistry and Math and experience running labs) was tasked with developing the mixing protocols, environment, and equipment needed to produce his new line cleanly, consistently, and efficiently.  In Fall of 2011, the Composed Chaos line of eliquids was launched with three flavors: Nice Rack, Cinnana Cream, and Forte.

Today, we continue to produce our software and eliquids with exacting standards to ensure the upmost quality.  Labs use our software to make sure their mixes are top-notch, DIYers continue to make our consumer mixing software one of the most trusted available, and our eliquids (now up to 10 core flavors and several seasonal blends) continue to wow vapers with top shelf flavor and vapor production at a fair price.

Thank you for visiting us, and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.