Discontinuing the eLiquid Recipe Manager software

There has been an update in the works for more than a year to the eLiquid Recipe Manager software on Android, transitioning the product to a new codebase with the hopes that it would make development easier. The problem is, Android versions are so scattered among devices that it became nearly impossible to put in the features and tools I wanted to make future development easier, as these changes were causing older Android devices myriad problems due to incompatibilities or weird bugs in those toolkits I was using.

I started eLiquid Recipe Manager 10 years ago to fill a personal need, as at the time there were no software offerings that assisted eliquid DIYers in formulating and mixing recipes. I released it to the public, not because I thought it would be a massive commercial success, but because I thought there were other people in the same boat as I was that needed a good solution for their own use. The income I derived from this app, across both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, amounted to just a few bucks a month at most. So to say this was more a labor of love than a commercial venture would be an understatement.

At the time, I had a pretty loose work and home schedule and had ample free time to spend making the application better. Over the years, that time has dwindled and shrunk to the point that I’m lucky if I have an hour or so a month to work on this project. I literally don’t have the time to devote to continue the project in any real, meaningful way. And when I do have time, I find myself wanting to spend less time writing code in my free time. My choices are to leave the app in limbo and have it continue to languish amidst further Android changes and support issues that I can no longer keep up with or discontinue the project. So, I have made the difficult choice to remove the products from the various marketplaces and discontinue future development and support.

It’s not a decision I’ve come to lightly. The demands of my day job, where I am also a software developer, have increased, and I’ve decided my free time is now better spent pursuing other interests of mine that don’t necessarily involve writing software. I’m at an age where I need that split from work life and home life, so I’m shifting gears and bringing Composed Chaos back to its initial focus, which is music-oriented.

I will always appreciate all of the support the vaping community, especially users of eRM over the years, have given me. I just feel I’ve done all I can physically at this point, and it’s time for me to pivot my focus to something new. Thanks and much love to you all.