Disney’s closed. Now what?

Well, the day I had booked my FastPass for the new Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Hollywood Studios just happened to be the first day Disney closed its doors due to coronavirus. Of course I was upset and disappointed. But I also understood and supported the decision.

The big thing to remember is, this isn’t permanent. And their website is still active and taking bookings, so my plan is to just keep trying to book advance FastPasses for my family in anticipation of Disney’s eventual reopening, whenever that may occur.

In the meantime, I am continuing to make improvements to the app and to this website. I’ve just released a version that will modify the booking time for an existing FastPass. I’ve added a new Knowledge Base to the website so that you can find information and help quickly if you have questions or issues and I plan on consistently adding new information to that repository as often as I can. And as always, I’m an email away if you have comments, suggestions, or issues with the app.

One big thing I’m working on right now is a new sister app to FastPass+ Finder, and that will be the WDW Dining Reservation Finder. I love Disney, but I especially love the food at Disney. But just like their most popular rides are difficult to find a FastPass on the day you want to visit, their most popular restaurants can be notoriously difficult to get a reservation at, even 6 months in advance. And just like my FastPass+ Finder app can continually search for an opening for a specific experience in the FastPass system, my hope is that this new app will do the same for those hard-to-get dining reservations. I hope to have this ready to publish before the end of April.

Finally, I will be uploading some content to YouTube starting in the next few weeks to help you maximize your time in the parks I’ll be covering usage of both apps plus news, tips, tricks, and secrets about the WDW parks and resorts. I love visiting the Disney properties and want to help your visit be the absolute best it can be.

But for now: stay inside. Stay healthy. And stay tuned for what’s to come both here and at Disney.