FastPass+ Finder

FastPass+ Finder is a simple utility that helps Disney ticket/passholders find hard-to-get FastPass Experiences for their trip to the Walt Disney World parks.

  • Gets guest list from your Disney account, so you can select the members of your party that will be attending the park with you.
  • Choose any of the 4 parks in the Walt Disney World resort (Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom), the experience, the date of your visit, and your desired start hour (or first available, if you want to grab the first spot it finds) and kick off your search.
  • Spawns an automated test version of Chrome that auto-logs into your Disney account, fills out your guest list, chooses your date and park, and begins searching for an available FastPass+ for the experience you’ve chosen.
    • Automatically detects the “Olaf screen” (an error on the website) and recovers the search process
    • If the “Olaf screen” cannot be recovered, the utility will automatically restart the process and begin the search anew.

This app is made available ‘as-is’, and cannot guarantee you will find an open FastPass+ entry for your selected park visit. It simply assists by allowing you to not have to sit in front of a PC continuously refreshing the page in the hopes that one becomes available.

If you have any issues, or maybe even have an idea you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Windows version: Download here

Mac version: Coming soon!