FastPass+ Finder F.A.Q.

Answers to common questions about my FastPass+ Finder application (updated regularly)

Q. What does your app have that I don’t?
A. Patience. Seriously, some experiences at WDW are nearly impossible to get booked for FastPass+ due to their popularity. What this app does is replace you on the Refresh button of your browser.

Q. How in the world did you come up with this idea?
A. I didn’t. Well, not the initial idea of automating a web search. That idea came from a guy named Ethan Brimhall (you can find his work here). But that solution had basic functionality and was difficult for mere mortals to get going. So I said to myself, “Self, there’s gotta be an easier way to do this.” And thus, the FastPass+ Finder app was born. It takes his basic idea and amps it up to 11. Easy install, full automation of the search experience, and error recovery of most issues that plague WDW’s website. It’s still not perfect (but getting closer every day), but at least you don’t have to have a degree in computer science to use it.

Q. Will using this app get me in trouble with Disney?
A. Doubtful, but it is their website. All this app does is replace you in front of the browser. There are no backdoors being exploited, no loopholes, no tricks. We’re still using the same website and the same functionality to book the FastPass, the app is just able to do it without needing a bathroom break. And there is nothing on Disney’s WDW site that even frowns upon this method of searching for FastPasses, much less forbidding it. I used Ethan’s Python script for more than 6 months, and my app for nearly two years, and have never had an issue. I also do not charge for the app, as I feel that would be unethical to do so; it’s free to download, free to update, and will always be so (although a donation for a Dole Whip is always nice). But, as I said, it is their website, and there may come a time when they change their terms or their website and make this app unusable or obsolete. Until then, though, book away. You’ll be fine.

Q. What is this “Dole Whip” you keep talking about?
A. Really? You’ve come this far in your search to enhance your ultimate WDW fun, and you don’t know about Dole Whips? Basically, it’s a pineapple non-dairy soft serve frozen dessert. The original is served at Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle in Adventureland, and also at the Pineapple Lanai at WDW’s Polynesian Village Resort (there are others, it shifts around from time to time, but those two are reliable locations year-round). They have other flavors besides the pineapple sometimes, and they are all good. You can also get them as floats or with alcohol. But the original? It is simple perfection, and to me there is no other snack in the park that comes close to its awesomeness.

Q. I have a FastPass booked already, but I don’t like the time. It was hard to get, though, so I don’t want to drop it and try to rebook. Can your app modify it?
A. Yes! A new update allows you to now modify the timeframe of an existing FastPass booking. Check the documentation section for a guide on how to do that.

Q. Booking rides and shows is great and all, but a fan’s gotta eat. Can I book a dining experience?
A. Not yet. But don’t think I haven’t toyed with the idea. I love Disney restaurants, and some of those reservations can be hard to come by. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t see me add that ability very soon.

Q. Seriously, Dole Whips can’t be *that* good. You have to be exaggerating.
A. Nope, not at all. Go try one, and get back to me. Better yet, drop me a line when you’re going to go get one, and I’ll meet you there.

Q. Every time I go to book a FastPass myself, I can get one. Why should I use your app?
A. Chances are, you are booking FastPasses for an experience that either isn’t so popular that they all run out, or have a high enough capacity that meets demand. And if you’re already browsing the WDW site and come across a FastPass you want that’s available, by all means, go ahead and book it. But, there are several experiences that rarely, if ever, seem to have available bookings, such as Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Flight of Passage, Magic Kingdom’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Hollywood Studio’s new Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. To give you some examples, it took my app 3 days to find a booking for Avatar, and a full week to find one for Runaway Railway. I might have gotten lucky with either of them and happen upon a random opening myself, but I doubt it.

Q. I can’t get past this fascination with Dole Whips. You’re telling me that, out of every snack available on every Disney property, it’s the best?
A. For the last time, YES! I don’t say this lightly. The Mickey Bar, Turkey Leg, Mickey Preztel, Churro, and Candy Apples could all join together into a mega-Voltron of super snack, and the Dole Whip would still win.