How To Find Your First FastPass

When you first launch the FastPass+ Finder application, the first thing you will need to do is retrieve your guest list from the DisneyWorld website. Start by entering your DisneyWorld website credentials into the boxes marked Username and Password.

Note: the app will remember the last Username value used, but will not save the Password value. You will need to enter the password each time you open the application.

Once entered, click the Get Guest List button. The application will launch a version of Chrome and retrieve the full list of available guests from your Family and Friends list. Once retrieved, the Guest List will populate with all of your family and friends, including yourself. Now you’re ready to book your first FastPass through the app.

To book, first select your guests. A single click on each name will toggle that guest as part of your FastPass party: if their name is highlighted in blue, they are enabled.

Next, pick your experience options. Make sure you’ve selected New as the FastPass type (Modify is covered in another topic). Choose if you are a ticketholder/passholder or if you are booking as part of a resort reservation, then select your visit date, the park you are visiting, and the experience you are wanting to book. Finally, choose the timeframe you are searching for: First Available will grab the first FastPass entry found for the date and experience, while choosing a Start and End time will restrict your booking to start between those times.

Note: Start and End time refers to the range of times your FastPass will begin. For example, setting a Start Time of 3:00 PM and an End Time of 5:00 PM can result in a FastPass booking that runs from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Kick off your search by clicking the Find Your FastPass+ button. The app will launch an instance of Chrome and will automatically start searching for your selection by logging into the DisneyWorld website, selecting your party members from the selections you made in the app, and constantly monitoring the FastPass+ booking pages for available times within your search parameters. When it finds a suitable match, it will automatically confirm your booking and close the search.

And don’t worry. Most errors that occur on the DisneyWorld website are automatically handled by the app, and it can generally recover and restart the search automatically if a website error is encountered.

Once the search is done, if successful it will display a window showing the ride name, the timeframe of the booked FastPass, and some statistics on the search itself (like seeing how much time you didn’t spend refreshing the website yourself).

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully found your first FastPass. Have a magical time in the parks, and say hello to Mickey and friends for me, wouldja?