Modifying An Already-Booked FastPass Time

Have a FastPass booked, but the time doesn’t quite fit in to the rest of your park plans? You go to modify the booking, but the times you want are already booked? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our new modification feature will take your existing booking and attempt to find a new time for it.

Note: this guide assumes you’ve already had some familiarity with the application, like retrieving your guest list or booking a new FastPass. If you aren’t, head over here first.

As before, make sure your username and password are entered into the appropriate text boxes in the app. Since this only affects the timeframe of an existing booking, you do not have to select any users in your guest list.

In the FastPass options section, select Modify. Then, enter the Date, Park, and Ride of the existing FastPass booking. Finally, choose the timeframe you would like the beginning of your FastPass to begin. For example, choosing a Start time of 1:30 PM and an End time of 3:30 PM will look for available times that “start” in that range, so if a booking comes up that runs from 3:20 PM to 4:20 PM, that option will be chosen.

As with new bookings, clicking the Find Your FastPass+ button will kick things off. The application will launch an instance of Chrome, log you into the FastPass website, select the existing FastPass entry from your list of booked entries, and begin the modification process to find a new time.

Note: please watch the website when the first launches to make sure it finds the correct entry. Extensive testing has been done to ensure it picks the correct date and ride, but I have not yet implemented a method to alert you if it cannot find the entry in cases where the incorrect information was entered into the app as search parameters. If the website stays on the current FastPass plan screen for an extended amount of time, chances are an incorrect date, park, or ride was selected. Cancel the search and correct the settings.

Once a successful match to your preferred booking changes has been found, the entry will automatically be selected and confirmed for you, and a summary dialog will open showing you the ride, the new timeframe for the booking, and some search statistics to show how much time you saved yourself by not sitting in front of your computer yourself constantly smashing the Refresh button in your browser.

And that’s it! Have a terrific time in the parks, and be sure to swing by Aloha Isle in MK for a Dole Whip. No visit to WDW is complete without it.