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About Composed Chaos

Composed Chaos started like most vapers, with a vaper who wasn't satisfied with the quality or flavor of eliquids available at the time.  Matt Williams, founder and owner of Composed Chaos, began vaping in April of 2009, and dissatisfied with the liquids available from Dekang and Ruyan, almost immediately began creating his own flavors.

While DIY'ing his own liquids, he recognized the need to keep track of all of the combinations he had tried, both abysmal failures and stellar successes.  While several spreadsheet solutions existed at the time for saving and retrieving DIY eliquid recipes, Matt realized that he wanted something more purpose-build for the task.  He also wanted something he could carry with him rather than rely on his home PC.  As an early adopter and fan of the Android platform, he began writing an Android application specifically designed for DIYers to compose their own recipes on their Android smartphones and tablets.  Borrowing his music publishing company's name, the first version of eLiquid Recipe Manager for Android was released to the Android Market under the "Composed Chaos" brand.

As more and more vapers in the community got to try some of Matt's creations, he started getting requests for purchasing his juices.  After much encouragement from fellow enthusiasts, he decided to release a select few blends to the public through a partnership with  in 2011.  From the very beginning, Matt decided that the only juices his line would represent would be flavors that he felt were sufficiently special enough to be distinctive from other company's offerings.  Of the more than 60 recipes he had worked on at that point, he culled the number of flavors for the initial release to 5: Nice Rack, Nice (Enhanced) Rack, Cinnana Cream, Peaches En Regalia, and Pina Colada.

Two and a half years later, demand for Composed Chaos eLiquids has grown enough that expansion of the brand was necessary to keep up.  The line has been expanded from the initial 5 to 12 Signature flavors (from a current recipe database of over 140 flavor blends) that firmly plants Composed Chaos as one of the best boutique eliquid brands around today.  Composed Chaos is dedicated to creating and releasing new blends that will tantilize your taste buds with superb flavor.

As always, we thank you for your awesome support.

Composed Chaos, LLC
10275 Lenox Street
Clermont, FL. 34711

If you'd like to find out more about us, you can contact us through our Contact Us link at the bottom of the page or email us at