Update to FastPass+ Finder – v1.1.10 Released

Version 1.1.10 has been released and brings with it a few new changes

  • Rides available for a park are now pulled from the web. This is so new rides can easily be added to the list for each park, and existing rides can be disabled from selection if they are currently under maintenance or refurbishment
  • Under the hood, the search code has been fully rewritten to take advantage of this, and should operate much more efficiently in finding the target attraction.
  • You can now select both a starting time and an ending time for a range, rather than just the start time. For example, you can choose a range of 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and the search will limit its selection to just FastPass+ entries that fall within that time range.
  • You guest list now includes the account holder, labeled as (Me) in the guest list. This is so you can book FastPasses for others in your party but exclude the account holder from booking. You will need to run Get Guest List again to refresh the list in the app.

I’m currently working on modifications of existing FastPasses, and hope to have that ready in the next few weeks.