Update to FastPass+ Finder – version 2.0.15

I was hoping the next update would be the one adding in the ability to modify existing FastPasses…..but Google forced my hand. But it’s coming! I swear! I get like 2-3 hours of real time to work on this a week, but I’m close to having it ready. The big part is making sure that I’m able to modify the right entry *and* also make sure I’m not killing the existing entry if you can’t find your desired modification. It happens, you get a FastPass for Avatar at 8PM but you’d rather have it at 10AM, but try as you might, no openings at 10AM ever open up. I want to make sure the app can find the 10AM one, but if it can’t, I also want to make sure it keeps the existing 8PM one.

But as much as I want it so, this update isn’t about that yet. Google broke something in Chrome that broke my integration. I had a couple users report the issue and they tested a fix for me, which thankfully was an easy one. So, that’s what this update is, fixing the Chrome integration piece so that it actually searches for FastPasses rather than, well, not searching for FastPasses, which is what is was doing and goes completely against the purpose of the app. I mean, seriously, what good is a FastPass searching app that doesn’t actually search for FastPasses? Right?

But I promise, the next update will be the one with the modifications enabled. In the meantime, Happy FastPass Hunting!

Grab the latest Windows version here.